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BarracksPhoto - Group of three soldiers

This photo was given to me by Bobby Quinlan in LA USA. He said that he thought the person on the RHS was his Grandfather James Felton (1877-1914), Lizzie Clothier's husband, and that it may have been taken at Victoria/Collins Barracks Cork.

I had a couple of Army experts look at it and the said the badge on the hats was the FF (Fianna Fail) worn by the Irish Volunteers (Free Staters) post independence. The photo was of Living Qusrters in a Barracks and could be any in Ireland as they were all built to the same specifications and style.

They could still be Victoria/Collins barracks as though the IRA occupied them until Aug 1922 when they fell to the Free Staters, the IRA torched the Barracks during their retreat, rather than leave such a formidable asset to them, the Living quarters were not destroyed.

So it is unlikely to be James Felton as he had already died in 1914 and maybe was taken at Victoria/Collins Barracks. I have been told that many soldiers who returned from WW1, sought employment in the FF, I knew James Hornibrook had done so and asked his daughter, Tessie, if he was in the photo she said no.

So we have a photo that Paddy Quinlan and Julie Felton kept for years, so it must be someone they were related to or knew very well and was taken from 1922 on.

Does anyone have any idea as to who is in the photo and where it was taken?

Thanks. Matt 11 Dec 2008

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Individual & family photo's for the tree

Hi again, you may have seen that I am trying to get a photo of as many family members on the tree as I possibly can. If you would like to have your photo and or any family photo's included let me know and I will let you know what you neeed to do to get the to me. I think it adds to the interest of the sight and makes it more than a list of statistics. Most people I have approached in the past have been good enough to send the photo's on. One thing I always point out and that I think helps them decide to share any photo's, is that unless old photo's are documented, (the person('s) in the photo identified, the date and location), once the older generation has passed on, they become valueless. This could mean that a photo, cared for and passed down through generations, could become a photo of no value, because no one knows who it is of or any of the circumstances surrounding it. All it requires is to write the biography details of it next to it in the album, or on a note or send it to me and not only have you custody of the family history , but so do I and all the rest of the ancestors. In affect you will have protected the identity of our ancestors and let there descendants see what they looked like. Thanks Matt Falvey 2 Jan 2009
Humphrey Falvey - workgroup

Hi, here is a photo of Humphrey Falvey 1909-1994 (Son of Thomas Falvey & Mary Vanston) with a group of work mates. Does anyone have any idea of were it was taken and who any of the other people in the photo are?
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