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Our cousin Jim Fahy, has been very busy researching the history of the Stone Masons in Cork. This had led to the production of a documentary "Set in Stone" celebrating the tradition of Masonry in Cork and the subsequent release of a DVD of the documentary.

Many families on this family tree, have generations of Stone Masons in them, including the Falvey's, Fahy's, Nason's, Kennefick's & Enright's.

The DVD tells the Story of the Cork Masons and a way of life which has now all but disappeared. Well known families of Masons speak in the film about their culture, their traditions, their work and their unique language and this is combined with a rich collection of archival material from the Cork Mason's Union.

The film also explores the changes that have taken place in the building trade and how this has impacted on the traditional role of the Mason. It shows some beautiful architecture of Cork, including the University and demonstrates that unique Cork humour and accent.

Sadly since the research was completed and the DVD produced some of the old Mason's have passed, making their contribution to the history and this research so much more valuable.

I have mentioned the DVD here on my site as every single one of my direct male ancestor's on the Falvey side was a Mason, the line only being broken with my generation.

As part of Jim's project he is trying to raise funds to restore the Mason's Union Marching Banner that was made for the 1843 "Monster Repeal March's" of the Young Irelander 's in Cork and later was used in Great Exhibition in Cork in 1902. It was also used at every other notable marching event, May day, St Patrick's day etc.

Over the years the banner has fallen into a state of very bad disrepair and Jim is trying to save it through a combination of European Community grants, Government grants, Mason's Union Donations, Private donations and funds raised through the broadcast and retail of the DVD's of "Set in Stone".

It is a worthwhile project, the Masons records have already been safely housed in the Cork Archives on Gt William O'Brien St., for the benefit of future generations, let's hope Jim is just as successful in saving the banner. The DVD retails for Euro 20.

Jim can be contacted at:

email - james.fahy@hotmail.com

mobile - 085 115 1774

Address -

Farranbrien, Minane Bridge

Co Cork, Ireland

Matt Falvey, Feb 2010