St Joseph's Cemetery, Ballyphehane, Cork - Burial Register Receipt

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  • Title St Joseph's Cemetery, Ballyphehane, Cork - Burial Register Receipt 
    DATE 7 Aug 1943 
    DATV Aug 2005 
    LOCA Falvey>Census>Files & Genealogy>Scans Images>Burial Register's St Josephs & Whitechurch>St Joseph's Burial Records 
    MEDI Paper & PSD JPG 
    TYPE St Joseph's Cemetery, Cork, Burial Records Register 
    Source ID S653 
    Text St Joseph's Cemetery, Cork. Burial Register Receipt
    St Joseph's Cemetery, Cork. (Botanic Gardens)
    Name of Owner of Grave or Vault : Walsh
    Name of Deceased : Denis Falvey
    Address : Hilltown Douglas
    Age; !st N Charles Callanan Railing
    Date of Death 7th day of August 1943
    Cause of Death : Accidental.
    Funeral at 4 o'clock, on Monday the 9 instant, in undermentioned Section and Row
    Section : 2, Row : , Grave : ,
    Amount paid for Grave or Vault:
    Opening Pounds 1.0.0.
    Chapel : 0.5.0.
    Dated 12 day of Aug 19... , ...o'clock, Miah Foley 
    Linked to (1) Denis Patrick (Ryner) FALVEY 

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